Our Fast Selling Female Fertility Booster (FFB) would help with the following

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Enhances sexual health

Our herbs are formulated to act specifically to optimize the impact of female hormones which promotes greater sensitivity and responsiveness to sexual pleasure.It can also be used as a blood tonic to purify and strengthen the reproductive system of women which then contributes to a painless and satisfying sexual life.

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Balances the menstrual cycle & reduces menstrual cramps

FFB (Female Fertility Booster) works by alleviating painful and often uncomfortable symptoms related to the menstrual cycle, our formulation enables women to experience a healthy sex life. It is useful for for painful periods, excessive uterine bleeding and other abnormalities of the menstrual cycle.

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Stops early onset menopause

We are bringing back the age old practice of using medicinal herbs to manage menopausal symptoms thereby improving the overall quality of life. FFB is also used to manage symptoms of menopause like mood changes, insomnia (sleeplessness), fatigue, sexual dysfunction and vaginal dryness.

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Supports and stabilizes pregnancy

Prevents miscarriage by relieving uterine irritation and relaxing the muscles, Our formulation slowly relaxes the nervous system bringing a combination of actions that help in making sure you get to term. It can also, be used to help you recover from childbirth more quickly.

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Increases female fertility

Toyin’s Herbal Female Fertility Booster (FFB) is made of a highly nutritive astringent herb that supports and strengthens uterine muscles making a great home for a tiny growing baby.

Our Fast Selling Male Fertility Booster (MFB) would help with the following

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Enhances sexual health

The herbs are formulated to optimize the impact of the testosterone, the male sex hormones which promotes greater sensitivity and responsiveness to sexual pleasure. The hormone is also in charge of the development of bones, muscles, hair and other factors related to appearance which implies that a higher testosterone is important for better sexual and reproductive development.

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Enhances hormones

The herb works to also increase the level of hormones produced by the pituitary gland and testicles as they play a key role in sexual development and sperm production. it also combats issues affecting the way the hormones are used by the body.

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Promotes fertility

The Toyin’s herbal male fertility booster promotes fertility by enhancing the libido and thereby promoting the effects of testosterone. Low levels of testosterone affects sexual function, causing reduced sex drive, fewer erections, and infertility in men hence the need for a higher level of the hormone.

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Enhances erectile function

The herbs helps in rejuvenating and relaxing the smooth muscle which is the erectile tissue and is in charge of the erectile functions in men. This it does by contracting the muscle through sexual stimulation thereby triggering the release of neurotransmitters from the cavernous nerve terminals.

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Improves sperm parameters

Our herbs works to improve sperm count, motility and volume, by combating infections that affect the testicles, which makes and stores the sperms. For the sperm to get through the cervical mucus and fertilize the egg, it needs to have a progressive motility and the herbs helps to enhance this.

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My Journey to herbal

abt-img Starting this journey my goal was to empower women who suffer from the anxiety that comes with wanting their own children. Many fear the negative consequences of childlessness resulting from societal pressure.

No less than 1 out of 6 women in Nigeria, have experienced the emotional and psychological trauma associated with an inability to conceive after countless trials not to talk of the extremely expensive euro-conventional options. In trying to be like the “Oyinbo” we have forgotten the solutions our ancestors have prepared for us, we have been brainwashed to think less of our methods until it is sold back to us in expensive capsules with numerous side effects.

African fertility herbs work, I know this now for a fact. And I am here to make it known to all who have ears and eyes.

It worked for me and it would work for you!

Let us help make your dreams come true. We can’t wait to hear your good news!

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